How to simply create a website of your own?

Now we should be more familiar with the site, but presumably the site construction is very little known, the site construction process is a blank, it does not matter, the following small editor to introduce the site construction related content and process, let everyone familiar with this aspect.
Many people want to build their own website, through the website to spread their own website. But don’t know how to build a website? What is the process of building a website? Website design and production is not as complex as we imagine, first you want to do a good case of site content, to do a development of what kind of website. She sketches the site content after the site, depending on the steps you can get on the step settings. Once you understand the process of building a station, you can make it very quickly and need a company website design. Below to the needs familiar with the station building friends talk about the station construction process.

First, URL
registration website production first you need a domain name of your own, that is, the URL. There are many websites that need to be registered, the registration price is different, and the services provided by different registrants are different. The current URL registration requires real-name authentication. The process is slightly different in different registrars. Detailed operating systems can be contacted by registrar customer service. URL I’m registering for the Wannet app.
Second, the
virtual host registration virtual network host is used to put the website for the program. Virtual host is divided into ASP, HP, NET three categories. The first station is not familiar with the type of virtual host, but has no relationship. We can choose a versatile space. It supports ASP, PHP, NET applications. After the virtual host purchase, you can go through the space with a sub-URL address to the space of a default page.
Third, the
website for the record of domestic demand for the virtual host, no on-site records are not allowed to go online. What we do after we finish the space requirements is to file. The filing needs to contact the space business, the filing materials to the space business, and then submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for review, pending the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a filing number. The record audit will arrive within 20 working days. Normal circumstances take only a few working days to pass without going through. If you can’t record free backup application space, free recording space for servers is not in the Mainland, Hong Kong or overseas servers.

Fourth, upload the website program
online there are many free education sites for the program, forums (discuz), blogs (Emlog, WordPress, Z-blog), comprehensive station, etc., according to the students’ own website to choose a program. Upload the next good program to the virtual host. Website records fail and cannot be accessed using URLs, but you can request the system’s own address for program installation. After uploading, follow its installation procedure. There are installation instructions in the installation package. If our own business doesn’t install one, we can let the space vendor install it for you.
Five, add
site content We can record the addition of site content when arriving, supplement the site content is relatively simple. Enter a website backstage to build a new website column, their own development needs analysis of a few columns to build a few. For more information, please refer to the appropriate procedure operating manual.
6. After analyzing the URL and binding URL
filing number, I can analyze the IP address space on the website, reach the URL analysis, and then combine the URL with a good analysis space control panel. Search the address bar to enter your URL. You can visit your website. If we can’t visit right away, don’t worry, maybe by analyzing that the enterprise doesn’t have China in effect, and we can visit it after the URL takes effect for a while. Make your own website so simple.

Today, the editor-in-chief for everyone to share here, do not know whether you have a certain understanding of the relevant process? If you feel that you still want to know more, welcome to our website, there is more rich related content waiting for you to dig Oh!