The behavior of domestic stars is really a reflection of their quality and cultivation

On June 17th, Hunan Satellite TV 618 party, the members of the sports bar youth appeared in advance to meet the audience, during which Mr. He in the host time, in order to give these new people more shots, stooped from the new people’s front, really warmer than the warm stove people. But people did not expect is that the photographer did not get to Mr. He’s pain, the picture directly followed Mr. He into a one-size-fits-all, the scene when some funny.
The picture of being a thief is funny and moving!
On June 17th, the teenagers of “Sports Bar Junior” appeared at Hunan Satellite TV 618 Party to meet you in advance. He Wei to stand behind himself a row of new people to give up the camera, deliberately bent down from the new person in front of the walk, very warm heart. However, the photographer and the pilot did not seem to understand Mr. Ho’s intention, the lens was set on Mr. Ho, the new people were all “cut off.” Mr. He: Am I bent low enough?
Sports Bar Junior is a What program? It is Hunan Satellite TV launched a new variety, the program, will lead 33 sports teenagers, for this hot summer to add a fire. With teenagers as their origins, the audience will be shown the unsurhearsed path of athletics. Generation Z teenagers with dreams of sports will also use sweat, attitude, tenacity and unyielding competitive spirit to shine with the spirit of the game.

From yesterday’s party can be seen, these teenagers are tall, strong, look very youthful and energetic, and indeed different from other programs. At present, the sports bar juvenile this variety has not yet begun to broadcast, but not broadcast can appear at the party, can be seen hunan SATELLITE TV’s attention.
He Wei bent down to the new person to let the lens this move really did not think, after all, as the national level of such a high host, He Wei has done before the warm heart move everyone look in the eyes, and now in order to cooperate with the new person bent over, had to say that people admire.