I’m 30 years old and I’m not just growing up with age

Thirty stood as if none of my 30-year-olds had finished on time. At least in the eyes of parents, no house, no car, no marriage.

30 years old, for my life is a watershed, perhaps God is jealous of my first 29 years of smooth sailing, so just test me. This year, my old father 62 years old, has been full of white hair, look old a lot, has been very different from the way in memory, my mother 60 years old, once respected face also crawled full of wrinkles, once that black hair also added a few white hair, as if suddenly happened, only to find that I have not been so concerned about them for a long time.

For that era, they were the representatives of late birth, plus I was an only child, so from childhood special love, most will be satisfied, nor have they suffered any pain. Until one day, my father called me to say he was unwell and the local hospital diagnosed him with surgery. My first reaction is usually a good person how to see two doctors in ten days to operate, I do not rest assured that the diagnosis of the hospital at home, immediately consult a friend arranged to the city’s tertiary hospital to find specialist clinics. Because the preparation is not enough, arrange the examination and wait for the appointment, the first clinic just hurriedly did some simple examination was told the next visit. Wait until a week after the re-outpatient clinic, but was told that the previous examination can not be used, and found that the development of the disease is very rapid beyond imagination, the doctor arranged to be admitted to the hospital immediately for a comprehensive examination and treatment, but the hospital bed is as precious as gold, have to wait for the vacancy. And my anxiety is helpless, can only cooperate with the doctor. The next day, he was admitted to the hospital in an extra bed, which happened to be the Friday before the Dragon Boat Festival.

Because just happen to meet the holiday, many large-scale examination can only be postponed or appointment, and before the full department check to confirm the cause, the doctor will not take medication, this is another week. In the uncertain condition, doctor-patient environment, only that bed space is a free place, father’s appetite is not good, weight plummeting, face is getting worse and worse, I understand his uneasiness, but I have no way, can only accompany him to speak, I think he was thinking about the future, because my uncle just died of lung cancer six months ago.

Fortunately, the cause was finally confirmed, but the doctor recommended not to do surgery, medication, because do not do surgery has no meaning, will not affect the normal life, but in the future to long-term medication. It was the best result for us, after all, it always hurt at his age, and I remember after I told him about the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, he was relieved and smiled for half a month. This is when I deeply realized that the doctor often said that the recovery of the disease and the patient’s mood is closely related, after half a month in hospital, discharged from the hospital.

Two months later, my mother found several items in the medical examination, and for the sake of insurance, I took her to the hospital for a follow-up and a series of examinations, which were acceptable to me. I realized that regular check-ups were necessary to keep them informed of their health, and that the extra safeguards were resistant to some risks.

A month later, the company’s physical examination also had an accident, in my 30s the first 10 days, I was diagnosed with a tumor, good is benign, in a certain range of no surgery. Although the full psychological cues have been done, but from the doctor to hear a positive answer, in addition to fear is helpless, that moment thought of all kinds of things, good or bad. The doctor probably saw my fear, he carefully explained the disease, but also answered my question, and my strong also finally collapsed, leaving tears, perhaps because of fear, perhaps feel some warmth, know that they are not so isolated. That afternoon should be the worst look, there is nothing unforgivable.

In just four or five months, everything seemed to have changed, but it seemed to be calm. From small to large, reading, work, parents, as if everything is so justified, smooth, as if everything will remain as is, but a lot of things do not deliberately think, want to ignore does not mean that there is no, perhaps one day to give you a hard blow, can do is to treat him well.

30 years old junction, fate gave me such arrangements and challenges, in addition to facing up to no choice, the world except life and death, is not a big deal, and I do not know how much time God gave me, just hope to be a little longer, can do what I want to do, love the people I love, do not waste this luxury. And the world’s deepest love is the love of parents, they always have the day to grow old, there will eventually be the day to leave, there are some things we can do nothing, only to do our best, worthy of the heart, to complete belong to the responsibility of children, because this life encounter is not easy.

Just to record my thirty years old!