Computer stupidity – do you agree?

Computers make people silly” is
a break
from telling the story of the Internet yesterday

When people get smarter and smarter, they invent computers, and when I get smarter, I get hooked on them. Suddenly one day, is in high spirits in the net sea walk, astute eyes suddenly touched such a set of words, it seems a bit of a killing scenery. That text comes from the highly developed science of small Japan, small Japan in the play tired of high-intelligence microcomputer brand, then lamented that “Computers Make People Silly.” I can’t help but think that,
according to a new study from the University of Japan, people are becoming more and more trusting of computers, and the brain is thinking less, and computers are eroding people in every way and making people more and more stupid.
A survey of 150 subjects aged 20-35 who used computers regularly found that 10 of them had serious memory problems. For example, you’ll often notice that a friend or colleague runs out of power on their phone and asks people for their best friend’s phone number. Have you ever forgotten an important date, which is recorded on your computer? Many of Those surveyed complained that they sometimes couldn’t remember their co-workers’ names, often forgot the date, and that some were seriously ill and had to quit their jobs.

After reading the above text, first of all, quickly to the vast number of netizens affirmed: I play computer has more than a dozen spring and autumn, the head not only did not play more silly, but more play more shrewd. Especially in the memory of the problem, showing extraordinary wisdom. For example, after I entered the names of 926 employees in our unit into the computer, I can now call out 95% of the names accurately, and before that I could call out 50% of the names. What made my memory more important was that I successfully used the classification method in my computer, the last name Zhang was grouped into a group, the last name Li was grouped into a group, the last name Wang was grouped, the male group was grouped, the female group was grouped, the under-30s were grouped into a group, and the thirty-year-old was grouped into a group. Our unit a computer undergraduate students for me to design a set of programs, three down five divided by two to complete the classification of personnel. You see, am I not playing computer games to be innocent? Do I have to complain about what “I can’t remember my colleague’s name”?
I use the computer every day to write a diary, notes, has completely completely shaken off the pen! Indeed, I love life and often “date” with colleagues and friends. I remember the time and place of the appointment on my computer, and this big and small date, I have never forgotten any time. Japanese universities have developed how people who “often forget the time of a date” can ask a computer mechanic about their sins. I guess they must be in the sea of the Internet “hunting” caused, often and the Internet “cool girl” dating went, naturally in real life “often forget the time of dating.” There are those “serious illness”, presumably also suffering from a mischiopies, only “have to quit their jobs”, the Internet “bubble girl” went. They’re not stupid! The “researchers” at Japanese universities are so stupid. They surveyed “150 subjects aged 20-35 who used computers regularly and found that 10 of them had serious memory problems.” Just as practicing Qigong, the proper use of the method of work is a very good physical fitness exercise method, improper use is counterproductive. Those ten people, presumably, are the phenomenon of “going into the devil” in the practice.
In fact, the long-term use of computers, will make people more and more intelligent, this is because the operation of computers not only to use the brain, but also to use fingers. Tapping the computer skillfully on the keyboard with both hands, like ten fingers playing the piano flexibly, is very beneficial to the physical and mental Health. It’s ten fingers, that’s the truth. I really don’t understand how using computers can make people more stupid?!

Wang Fuzen, who has spent years in flower armor, did not even think of himself, two white hair suddenly increased, sudden whimsy, to learn computer. The computer network made his life more terrified, and the computer became a faithful companion in his retirement. He used the ten-finger bounce, completed a million words of “travel with pen”, the computer will be his brain alive!
Wang Mengxuan, writing on a computer is very helpful. This is sincere, very much also. The computer also makes me more and more virulsive spring, every day accompanied by pleasant light music, tapping the keyboard, fingers become more dexterous. Wisdom stirs up beautiful sparks on the screen, and there is a rare reiki between the lines. So, I really want to quit my job, marry my computer.