Can the three characteristics of a woman dominate the family?

Women are born with water, which is feng shui in the home.
A good woman is the best feng shui in the family. For the husband to do a good job of support and staff, for the children, to preach, guide people.
good women will be three generations, bad women will harm three generations.” Women have the dual role of mother and wife and play a coordinating role in the relationshIP between husband and wife.
All say that men are the top pillar of the family, in fact, the wife is the family’s “set sea god needle.” Whether a family is happy, safe, and whether future generations can become talents has a great relationship with the hostess in this family.
For a family, whether life can flourish, the role of women can not be ignored. A woman determines the success or failure of a family. “Good or bad luck, depends on the hostess”: in a good family, women have 3 characteristics.

Whether a woman cares about her family or not, she has a sense of responsibility.
When you talk about a woman in a good family, you need to know what the standard of a good woman is. First of all, I think good women should have a sense of responsibility and know how to take care of their families.
If a woman regardless of home, let the family mess, children do not bring, food will not burn, room does not clean up, such a home can have warm words?
Women without responsibility do not just do not take care of the elderly, for their children also rarely care, all as long as their own happiness on the line, feel that the child is a burden.
In a good family, women will do their best to take care of their children and parents, so that men go home to feel warm, harmonious, comfortable, so that men have no worries to fight.
A good woman has to go to the hall, get into the kitchen, be alone in the workplace, and go home and make delicious meals.
Whether a woman has a good heart or not.
A woman’s heart is right, happy and charitable, kind-hearted, will bring endless for the family and future generations. Even bringing intangible wealth to the husband can give the child a warm and loving little family.
On her can filial piety respect for parents, so that the husband has no worries, on the next she can be a model for their children, so that they develop good character and quality. If the hostess of the family has a poisonous mind and misbehaving, she will lose her peace of mind.
“Look at the children, look at the mother first”, a good mother to their own children’s impact is very far-reaching, the mother is always the child’s best teacher.
A family’s children, growing up with no interest, and his mother’s preaching has a lot to do with. A good woman is also very patient with her children, teaching them the right way to be human, taking good care of their children, and being an excellent mother.

Economically, whether a woman has a home or not.
Men are dragonflies, women are boxes. Men are responsible for making money at home, women should reasonably spend men to earn back money, try to save it, in case of need.
If a woman spends a lot of money, likes to compare, vanity is strong, once you see someone else’s woman has something she does not have, will begin to complain about her husband’s ability, do you think this family can live well?
This kind of woman simply can’t understand the hard work of men outside, do not know to share the responsibility on the shoulders of her husband, only their own greed for pleasure, living with her is not good.
A good home needs a hostess who can keep a home and take care of all the trivial things in the house. Such a woman, often know how to hold a home, know how to cherish the happiness of having.
Such as smoke message: to marry a wife to marry Germany, men must polish their eyes before marriage.
From ancient times to the present, the role of women is indisputable.
Now the social man is responsible for earning money to support the family, the woman is responsible for the husband and the godchir, a good woman on the family’s influence is very big. The prosperity of the family depends on the hostess: in a prosperous family, women often have three characteristics.
A family harmony, can not be separated from the woman’s hard work, a stable family, and women’s temper is closely related. Men should remember that what kind of life you live in the future depends on what kind of wife you have.
Good family, happiness is the early morning table warm milk, is a lamp when the evening return, is a woman for the family silently pay little by little.
Men fight outside, sweet and bitter, full of wind and rain. Women’s mind delicate, bring home easy harmony. A tired man came home, like a spring breeze.
Marrying a wife, quality is always the first. If a man does not marry to be able to be thrifty, the wife of Hyun-Jin Shude, even if earning a gold mountain Silver Mountain will be defeated by his wife.
Such a woman, a man encountered to immediately stay away, otherwise it is to destroy the family’s luck. Choose a married partner, be sure to make a careful decision, otherwise, will regret it later.