Foreign sisters obsessed with JOJO anime wearing carelessly into fashion bloggers, wild wood into fashion gods

A sister from abroad some time ago because of the imitationof “JOJO’s wonderful adventure” action photo fire, domestic fans of the JOJO series of strange movements calledJOJO Li“, this series of works and these actions have considerable popularity.

In reality performance but JOJO stand a bit of shame, but this sister turned “shame” into magic, suddenly on the hot, which also from the side confirmed JOJO’s influence in the world, and like JOJO’s sister not only she is one, another sister is to study “JOJO fashion.”

JOJO animation has and the mainstream aesthetic is not the same clothing matching and painting style, the role of the work with a stand-in messenger fight, intellectual and martial arts is indispensable, empty skills brain is not good so that there is no way to live a good life in this world. And the characters dress very different, each character has its own distinctive characteristics.

One of the characters, named Borunaref, is the third character to appear, after which he begins the journey to track down the mysterious prop “Arrow”, the fifth finally his soul is housed on the turtle, lost its original body. When he still had a body, he was wearing very stylish, with a dark one-shoulder vest on it, clean light casual pants underneath, and nine-point pants, and then underneath, pants legs in socks, which is rare.

A sister in Japan found this way of wearing interesting, so she tried to restore this way of wearing in reality, and uploaded it to a social networking site, so she was so dressed that she accidentally became a fashion blogger. You can see that the sister this dress is very stylish, compared to joJO’s sense of muscle, this slightly thin figure gives a strong contrast, and this kind of dress alone in the street is enough to suck eyes.

Sister’s personal introduction said that she is 172 cm tall, estimated that only a relatively tall sister wearing this dress can wear this feeling, otherwise nine-point pants into long pants is not very embarrassing?

In fact, what surprised me most was that there were a lot of sisters who liked JOJO series of anime, I thought it was a work for the “Mammoth” audience. Comic book author Mr. Aoki also accidentally became a “fashion god”, may be the next wave of imitation JOJO wearing a fashion