Bringing good news to global satellite navigation: Beidou Satellite Global Network is fully completed

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On the 23rd, beidou 3 Global Satellite Navigation System constellation deployment was fully completed. This self-built, independently operated global Satellite Navigation system will provide all-weather, all-day, high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services for users around the world. According to statistics, the total output value of China’s satellite navigation and location services industry reached 345 billion yuan in 2019. With Beidou Satellite‘s global network, how will Beidou drive change in production patterns and business model innovation? What are the benefits to people’s lives?

More than 70% of Chinese smartphones already have Beidou services

“High on” Beidou navigation, has unknowingly “flying into the ordinary people’s homes.” According to Yang Changfeng, chief designer of Beidou Satellite Navigation System Engineering, “More than 70% of the smartphones that are connected to the Internet in China already offer Beidou services.” ”

If you pay close attention, in fact, it is not difficult to find that the sky’s Beidou is not only connected to mobile phones, many parts of our daily lives have it accompanied. Since China launched its first Beidou navigation test satellite in 2000, after 20 years of construction and development, Beidou System has been widely used in various fields of national economy and people’s livelihood.

When you’re still fretting about not being able to find a shared bike or aren’t sure where to park, beidou Satellite’s location service is already helping you. Hello travel data algorithm chief scientist Liu Xingliang told reporters that at present, more than 360 cities across the country’s Hello bike has been fully adapted to Beidou. The smart lock of each Hello bike contains a Beidou positioning device, which receives beidou satellite signals and sends vehicle positioning information to the Hello data center.

In the future, with the completion of Beidou Global System, “China Beidou” will further benefit the world, will also have a broader and deeper impact on people’s lives.

The person in charge of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office said that the development prospects of the mass service of Beidou system are broad. Beidou-based navigation services have been adopted by e-commerce, mobile smart terminal manufacturing, location services and other manufacturers, widely into China’s mass consumption, sharing economy and people’s livelihood, profoundly changing people’s production and lifestyle.

In the field of e-commerce, a number of domestic e-commerce enterprises logistics trucks and distribution staff, the application of Beidou car terminals and bracelets, to achieve real-time scheduling of car, people, cargo information, in the field of intelligent wear, a number of watches, bracelets and other smart wearables to support Beidou system, as well as student cards, old people cards and other special groups of care products continue to emerge, has been widely used.

The total output value reached 345 billion yuan, the sales of basic products exceeded 100 million pieces

According to statistics, the total output value of China’s satellite navigation and location services industry in 2019 reached 345 billion yuan. Beidou and the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, is building a new industry ecological chain with Beidou space-time information as the main content, and is becoming a new engine and booster of Beidou industry rapid development, driving the production lifestyle changes and business model innovation.

After years of development, Beidou has formed a complete industrial chain, Beidou basic products have achieved independent control, domestic Beidou chips, modules and other key technologies to break through, performance indicators and similar products in the international equivalent. A number of Beidou chips to achieve large-scale applications, the process level of 22 nanometers.

By the end of 2019, domestic Sales of Beidou navigation chips, modules and other basic products have exceeded 100 million pieces, domestic high-precision board and antenna sales accounted for 30% and 90% of the domestic market, respectively.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Group-owned Aerospace Systems Corporation relies on high-precision satellite positioning timing technology with independent intellectual property rights and high-precision multimode satellite navigation chips developed independently to provide high-precision positioning timing technology products and service solutions for telecommunications equipment manufacturers, infrastructure management departments, banks and financial enterprises.

The company has developed more than 10 generations of Beidou multimode navigation chip 6 generations, forming a high-precision timing, differential positioning and combination navigation and other diversified product profiles, has been applied to transportation, logistics, justice, public security and many other fields, annual shipments of more than 2 million pieces.

The economic and social benefits of Beidou system are remarkable

Small to a hard hat, big to transportation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing… Since beidou system provides services, it has been widely used in transportation, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, hydrological monitoring, meteorological survey, communication time control, power dispatch, disaster relief and mitigation, public safety and other fields, resulting in significant economic and social benefits.

In Xiamen, Fujian 220kv Lilin substation construction site, reporters saw that the field staff wearing hard hats and different from the past, under the cap eaves many small buttons, which is integrated with Beidou high-precision timing positioning module hard hat. Beidou’s high-precision timing positioning modules give a number of traditional safety tools, including hard hats, a powerful feature.

Staff introduction, hard hat also integrated including a one-click photo real-time upload function, so that the background security supervisors first understand the site construction situation, as well as emergency automatic alarm, one-click rescue, lighting and many other practical security features.

In addition, China’s power grid equipment is widely distributed, many power facilities are in the non-communication public network areas, power grid company front-line employees in these areas to carry out power grid construction or inspection operations, often lack of effective means of communication with the rear personnel to contact.

With Beidou satellite system, power grid company employees in the area without communications public network operations, only need to carry a small “short message communication terminal”, through Bluetooth and mobile phone connection, you can let ordinary mobile phones have the ability to send Beidou short messages, the scene and location information sent to the rear personnel’s mobile phone.

In transportation, Beidou system is widely used in key transportation process monitoring, highway infrastructure safety monitoring, port high-precision real-time positioning and dispatch monitoring and other fields. By the end of 2019, more than 6.5 million operating vehicles, 30,000 postal and courier vehicles, about 80,000 buses, more than 3,200 inland navigation facilities and more than 2,900 maritime navigation facilities in 36 central cities have been used in Beidou system.

In agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the agricultural machinery operation supervision platform based on Beidou to achieve remote management and precision operation of agricultural machinery, service agricultural machinery and equipment more than 50,000 units, fine agricultural production increased by 5%, agricultural machinery fuel consumption savings of 10%.

From “dream in sight” to “dream in hand”, today’s Beidou has completed the “three-step” strategy. By 2035, with Beidou system as the core, China will also build and improve a more general, more integrated, more intelligent national integrated positioning navigation and timing system.









总体产值达3450亿元 基础产品销量突破1亿片